Started a pattern, but stuck at the first part


I am new to this forum and to knitting so will appreciate any help I can get :slight_smile:

I have started a pattern for a cardigan and am having a little trouble with my math. The instructions start with me casting on 22 sts then for 1st Row * K1 P1, rep from * to end then Rep 1st row 6 times which I have one. However, the next row says to Rib to end dec 4 sts evenly across the row leaving 18 sts. My first question is, how can I achieve this evenly and does it matter whether I use a knit or purl stitch when I’m decreasing?
Secondly, the pattern has the option of knitting pockets on the cardigan, but I have chosen to leave these out. My second question is, therefore, what part of the instructions do I skip? I have an idea, but confirmation would give me the confidence to go ahead with the pattern. Instructions are as follows:
[B]Next Row:[/B] Rib to end dec 4 sts evenly across row. 18 sts.
[B]Change to 4mm needles[/B] and working in st-st (throughout) work 16 rows.
[B]Place Pocket[/B]
[B]Next Row:[/B] K5, cast off 9 sts, knit to end.
[B]Next Row:[/B] P4, purl across 9 sts left on stitch holder for Pocket Lining, purl to end.
Cont in st-st until Left Front measures 14 cm, ending with a rs row.

Is it safe for me to assume I simply continue from where I’m instructed to change my needles and work in st-st until I reach the required measurement i.e. ignoring instructions from [B]Place Pocket[/B]?

I hope I have explained clearly enough what it is I am needing help with and would be grateful for any responses.


Since this is where you change to stockinette st on the row after it, doesn’t matter if you dec in pattern or not - the pattern changes. Dec evenly just means to have the decs spaced out about the same distance apart. There are 4 decs, so that divides the sts into 5 ‘sections’ and with 22 sts, if you dec 4 sts apart that should do it - k4, dec, k3, dec, k3, dec, k3, dec, k4.

Yes, just forget about attaching the pocket liner, etc, and work in stockinette until you have 14cm.

Hi Sarah, welcome to KnittingHelp. Yes, you are right to assume you just work St st straight up to the 14 cm as given, skipping the pocket part.

For the decreases I would *work 3 sts and work sts 4 and 5 together, work 4 and work sts 5 and 6 together and repeat from *. That will make them as evenly spaced as possible. If you choose to do it as it says and decrease in the last row of ribbing you will have 2 stitches the same next to each other no matter what you do, just choose whether to k2tog or p2tog each time.

But often when I have this kind of thing to do I choose to decrease it on the first row of the St st instead of in the last row of the ribbing. I don’t know for sure if that would be a knit row or a purl row in your case, but then you would do it the same way I said above, but if it was a WS row you would p2tog each time, and if it was a RS row you would k2tog each time.

Thanks for the help. Your explanations make it much clearer and pattern is coming along well so far :slight_smile:

Glad I found this site/forum, it is very useful and I’m sure will be of much help to me with future patterns.

Thanks again!