Started a new 'knitted gift' project at the zero hour

It took almost 3 hours… and I finished at midnight Christmas Eve (my time zone)…

I watched: White Christmas and was almost finished with it. It’s a ‘short wrap scarf’ to button at the neck- my friend’s new coat has a high neck and the ‘wrap scarf’ matches the mittens that I made her last year.

Very nice, I’m sure she’ll love it.

Cutting it kinda close eh?

Pretty! Very nice! Mary

[B][I]:knitting: :knitting: :knitting: Uh… it was a last minute decision…[/I][/B] (yeah, that’s it) made tonight about 9:30pm… I suddenly remembered that… I had only bought a few small gifts for her… and I’m going to her house for Christmas dinner tomorrow.

I was so focused on ‘mailing’ off my gifts in time for those people to ‘get their gifts’ prior to Christmas… and I’ve been sick for a few days… so, I’ll also blame FEVER for forgetting. :rofl:

THAT I FORGOT about a gift ‘needed’ HERE! :wink:

But, this was me… just minutes ago… :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

That is beautiful! I really like how the colors in the yarn knitted up. :cheering:

That is really pretty, I’m sure she’ll love it!

I really do like it… Do you have a pattern or can you tell me # of stitches and rows?

Very nice. She will love it.

Pattern? :roflhard: :rofl:

Ok, here is what I did… I got the same thick yarn that I had used on the mittens that I made last year… grabbed some needles that I thought were the correct size… I used 6mm.

Then, I cast on enough stitches… that it appeared to be about 5 inches wide… (of course, this will pull in because I just did a ribbing stitch)

The stitch pattern? K1, P1 and repeat to end and knit the stitches as you see them on the other side… (just regular ole ribbing)…

I knitted until it would go around a neck and cross over… w/out pulling too tight around my neck… after all… you don’t want it to be too ‘tight’ feeling or they won’t wear it, right?

When finished it’s about 4" wide… in the rib pattern. I’m not sure how long I knitted it-- but, it was over 24" long-- I remember checking that length and then I knitted some more until it would cross over nicely.
Sew on buttons and slip them through the stitches… if your buttons aren’t too wide- this will work. I happened to find some on a shank that were the perfect color of the turquoise green in the yarn-- (even if the flash faded that part)…

*I also wrapped around and around the stitching under the button (the shank part) to make the button more secure and to stand up better for buttoning into something thick.
*This will be done on coat buttons if you look… they need to be raised up a little higher than the surface of the coat- for ease in buttoning and it will keep the buttons from falling off too.

I was eyeing a similar pattern I was going to make, but I didn’t get to it :teehee:

Yours turned out beautifully! Well done!

pretty…:yay: :happydance: :blooby:

:happydance: very pretty!!

I gave it to her and she loved it… told me that she’d never seeen anything like it… and put it promptly on to see what it looked like w/ her ‘high-necked’ new coat.

However, she also told me that she doesn’t know what she did w/ the mittens that I knitted her last year (that match the new item). sigh…

Now that is successful last minute knitting! I am totally impressed! Looks beautiful too.

Looks great! Addicted to the adrenaline rush?

That’s too bad she lost the mittens. The new project looks so pretty. Glad she loved it!