Start with knit or purl

Hi Everyone,

I have a sweater pattern that starts with knit 5 rows and then it says st st next 3 rows. "Do I knit purl knit the next 3 rows or do I purl knit purl


You knit, knit, knit, knit, knit 5 rows just like it says.

Knit 5 rows, then purl knit purl. Maybe. What’s after the 3 rows in stockinette?

The next row is an eyelet row

What it says exactly is K5 rows (= 3 garter st. ridges). Then work 3 rows st st.

Thanks. So if you knit 5 rows, the next row is the 6th, and normally that would be a WS row, so you purl it, knit the next and purl the one after. Then you’re set up to do the eyelets on the RS row.

If you do 5 rows of knit and then p, k, p the next 3 rows, you’ll only have 2 garter ridges. If you do 5 knit rows follwed by k, p, k, you’ll have 3 garter ridges, but the st st will actually be reverse st st.
Take a look at the picture and see if you can tell whether it looks like stockinette st or reverse st st between the garter ridges and the eyelet row.

Ahhh, you’re right. So maybe she should do 6 rows of garter, then I’m not sure how to proceed…

Debbie, could you tell us the pattern, or link to it or a picture of it? Then maybe we could figure this out.

I can’t give you a link because the pattern is in a book I have.
After the eyelet row it says work 3 rows st st plus 3 rows reversed st st plus 1 row st st, last row being the wrong side.
After this it goes into a pattern. Does this help anymore.


OK, here are at least two possiblities: If you do 5 knit rows follwed by k, p, k, you’ll have 3 garter ridges, and the st st will actually be reverse st st. Then you have the eyelet, 3 rows st st, 3 rows rev st st. This way the eyelet row is between a section of rev st st and a section of st st.

If you would prefer the eyelet row between rows of st st, you could knit 6 rows, then k one row, purl one row (the same as 5 rows garter, k, k, p) and then the eyelet. In both cases you have 3 garter ridges and the eyelet row is a RS row (row 9).
Either would work, just keep track of what you do so that you can repeat it on the front(s) if necessary.

I used a long tail cast on for this. Then I knit 5 rows. Should I count my cast on as a knit row?

No, the first row after the cast on is Row 1 and is usually the RS row. You can make it a ‘ws’ row though, I do for garter stitch. So that way the 5 knit rows would give you 3 ridges, then if you p k p, the eyelet would be on the RS row.