Start Using Cable Stitches?

How does one go about starting to use cable stitches. I was looking at cable patterns I have in this one book, and it just got me so confused:zombie:

Cables are a lot simpler than they look–a knitter’s secret. :teehee:

Practice on some simple ones. Cabling is just knitting stitches out of order. They are usually done in stockinette with reverse stockinette in the background to help them stand out.

You don’t really need a special cable needle–a double pointed needle works fine. For a simple 6-stitch cable, slip 3 stitches onto a ‘cable needle’ and let that just hang in the front (or back) Knit 3 from your regular needle, then knit the 3 from the cable needle. Voila! A cable cross. You work a few rows of stockinette between the crosses.

Amy has video on how to do a cable. has simple cable swatch patterns.

That will get you to understand a simple cable. You can build from there.

I’m doing my first cabled pattern and using one of my bamboo dpn as a cable needle, which works great. I’ve noticed, however, that in the last few rows, I’ve managed to pick up two extra stitches inside the cable. I’m off to frog, but am wondering what I might have done wrong at the last twist?

You may be wrapping your working yarn accidently over the needle or splitting your yarn.

but I do have a suggestion! Learn how to un-knit them so that if you make an error in the middle of one, you can go back and fix it.

Have fun!

Thanks everyone, at the moment I don’t have any double pointed needles (I know, how can I live?) But I will probably go to the store this weekend.

They say you can use a toothpick instead of a double-point. Never tried it though, as I have cable needles to use.

Even a paper clip can work for a cable needle. I learned that when I lost my cable needle a while back.

I have used a dpn in the past. Currently, I’m using a crochet hook and it works great too.

Thanks for all the ideas on things other than a cable needle. I think I might try the paper clip or the crochet hook since I have both of those

That’s exactly what I ended up doing, as I frogged three times, and refused to do it again!

I was working on a cable project once and I went to class and accidentally forgot the paperclip I was using as a cable needle. I desperately went to a little cafe in the building I was in looking for something I could use and grabbed a straw, and now it’s my favorite thing to use. I actually stick the tip of the needle into the straw tube to slide the stitches off. I know it sounds like a small convenience, but it’s a nice touch.