Starry Night

Can anyone help me find the pattern “Starry Night” from the ‘Sweaters from the maine Island’ book by Chellie Pingree and Debbie Anderson? The book is out of print and I’ve had a request to make the sweater - thanks for any info or help.

What a pretty sweater!

I looked on ravelry, there were no other sources listed. Amazon has the book for 180 for used (gag- reminds me of Aran Knitting by Starmore.) Have you tried searching local library catalogs? Mine are online to make it easier. (I found a blog that someone had checked the book out 10 times- it was at their library.)

ETA Maine Island Kids - Sweaters and Stories from Offshore has a youth starry night sweater but I don’t know if it’s the same.

Sorry this doesn’t help.

ETA AGAIN- check this out:
If you are in Daytona Beach- it’s at the Volusia County Library (Edgewater and a copy in Ormond Beach)! (I am bored & internet sleuthing today)

Amazon has several priced at varying levels. Sweater From the Maine Island

Hope this helps!