Starching knitting?

Another experiment and bouncing ideas off the walls - I’m attempting to knit some small, feathery looking bird/angel wings, which are likely to be double layered for added structure. I‘ll be using wire or pipe cleaners in the top edges and passing the middle bit through a knitted pony to make pegasus ponies/flying horses.
Does anyone know what effect starch has on knitted pieces? I’m not sure yet if I’ll have to stiffen them, but I’d like to explore possible options anyway.

There are many patterns for knit Christmas tree ornaments that use a stiffener, mostly starch. Seems worth trying out on a swatch.

I hope we get to see the pegasus.

Thanks for that, I’ll check it out! I’m doing the body at the moment, so I know what kind of size to make the wings, hopefully won’t take me too long!

When I worked in nursing we made our caps by placing our dampened fabric in liquid starch, then putting onto the refrigerator door and smoothing it out. It dried overnight and we could peel it off when dry. The side against the frig was especially smooth and shiny.

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