Starburst Sweater -- Please help!

Okay, I’m working on the Starburst Sweater from KnitPicks. You can see a photo here:

I’m almost finished with the star pattern in the center, but now I’m seriously confused. The pattern states:

Round 27: yo, pm, k1, yo, k53 repeat from to four times.
Round 28: knit around
Round 29: continue as established in round 27, increasing on either side of each marker (8 increases per round).

Repeat rounds 28 and 29 until you have 66 stithces between each marker…

So, here’s the problem. At first I thought the “increases” were yarn overs because that’s what was done in round 27. But, then I did that, and I don’t think it looks right. It’s hard to tell from the picture though. The area of the increases is between the big yarn over Vs – you can see it most clearly at the very top of the back of the sweater.

Does anyone know what I should be doing? Please Help!!!

I don’t think the yo’s are the increases they want before an after the markers, because the yo’s aren’t before and after the marker. I’d try a M1 increase before and after the markers for the increase and also have the yo’s as called for. Does that sound like it makes sense? I have this pattern somewhere. I’ll look for it.

Ingrid!! (can you hear the relief in my voice?) I feel like the drowning person who’s just seen the lifeguard. You are a life-saver!

Okay, I don’t think it’s both the yos and increases b/c then the stitch count doesn’t come out right. So, do you think it’s just M1 increases on either side of the marker?

Would I M1, slip marker, k1, M1, like in round 27 (basically putting the M1s in place of the yo? What do you think? Were you able to find your copy of the pattern?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I think you need the yo’s because the v’s are made of yo’s. Since there are no compensating decreases, though, maybe the yo’s are the increases. Let me go find my pattern right now. I’'l be back.

I found it and I think I figured it out. :happydance:

Row 27: yo, pm, k1, yo, k53 repeat from to four times.

Row 29: yo, M, k1, yo, k 55 repeat from to

Row 31 yo, M, k1, yo, k 57

Row 33 yo, M, k1, yo, k 59

Keep doing a yo on each side of the k1 next to the marker,

Until you have yo M, k1, yo, k63

After this last row, you’ll have 66 stitches between the markers.

I also found this, but I think it’s just for extra sizes.

Thank you Ingrid! You are so sweet to take the time to find your pattern and do that for me!!

What you’ve described (yos on either side of the markers) is actually what I’ve done – so that may be a very good thing! :happydance:

The only thing is that I’m not sure mine looks like the picture. The yos make big holes and I don’t see that. The area I’m taking about is between the big “Vs” on the back of the sweater. I see what looks like a couple of small holes – from that initial yo row (27), but then it looks like plain stockinette. Is it just me, or am I missing something?

The yos make two pretty much parallel lines of holes all the way up. :??

If you try to put the two yo’s on each side of the marker, you’re going to get a big hole. The yo’s need to be separated by that knit stitch that’s on one side of the marker. They should make that clearer in the pattern.

So it would be yo, marker, knit, yo, large patch of stitches, yo, marker, k, yo, large patch of stitches, etc.

Ooop, sorry. I wasn’t very clear about that. Yes, I do have the knit stitch in between. So, it’s two lines of holes separated by a line of stitches.

Okay, I may have found something…

This link has a really good pic of the back of the sweater. I think I may be okay…

wipes sweat from brow

Are you doing the part where the red arrow is or the blue arrow?

Okay, I thought I was doing the part where the red arrow is, but now I think it may actually be the point perpendicular to the blue arrow.

I’ve now found another photo of the finished sweater and on this one that area doesn’t look as much like yarn overs as the last one.

What I’m working on (I think) is the area dividing the top from the sleeves and the bottom section from the center. Clear as mud? :oo:

If you compare this:

with this:

Do they look the same? I think I’m doing it like the first link – with the yarn overs going to the sleeves. Does it look like that in the second one (that one was knit by a pattern test-knitter).

Here is photo from the designer’s website. The red arrows point to the areas I’m talking about. It’s so hard to see. Do you think those are yarn overs?

Eeeek. Who knew you had to be a detective to knit!!

One more, because obviously at this point I’ve lost my mind and have become obsessed.

This is the test-knitter’s sweater. I think the red arrow points to the area I’m talking about. Now those don’t look like yarn overs to me. Or, am I crazy?

Wait…don’t answer that last question. :oo:

They look like yo’s to me, but most likely they look smaller because there’s no tension or gravity on them. The picture with the knitter wearing the sweater looks like yo’s more because it just looks a bit looser knit than the other picture, too.

Thank you Ingrid!!!

I actually just got an email back from the designer. (she was super fast and super sweet). The increases are yarn overs.

I must try not to overthink things in the future! I almost frogged for nothing. Eeeeek!

Sometimes you have to just keep knitting and then figure out what it is you knit when your done. I’m glad the designer got back to you–at least you can be sure, now.

Make sure you post a picture of yours when you’re done, though.

Yes, I know; sometimes you just have to “trust the pattern.” Gee, where have I heard that before? :thinking:


Thanks again Ingrid! You’re very good at talking people down from the edge. :wink:

I will definitely post a pic when I’m finished. Now, off to knit that sweater… :XX:

I’m so glad you figured it out!! Your posts increasingly got more desperate and I just thought that was cute!! It made me smile :smiley:

This desperation was exactly how I was when I was knitting Chickami and got to that weird “error” in the pattern. I keep signing on here thinking :pray: Please, Amber or Ingrid, SIGN ON AND HEEEEEELP!

:roflhard: Can’t wait to see your sweater!!! :cheering:

Heh, heh. Yeah, you should have seen me after I made that first post. I kept checking back every few minutes and thinking, “where is Ingrid, where is she, I neeeeeeeed heeeeeeeerrrrrr!”

We need a knitting emergency hotline or something! :roflhard: