Hi I hope I’m in the right forum, forgive me if not. I have started to knit a pullover called Starboard it looks great but I do not understand row 3 of the pattern, :wink: I know so early in the piece.I have 46 stitches and 4 markers. It follows like this, K1,m1R, Knit to 1st st before marker, kfb,sm,kfb, knit to 1st before marker, kfb,sm* 3 times. The part I don’t understand is the kfb , sm 3 times. Thanks in advance. I need to add Row 2 P2, pm,P8,pm,p26,pm, p8,pm,p2.

K1,m1R, Knit to 1st st before marker, kfb,sm,*[U]kfb, knit to 1st before marker, kfb,sm**[/U] 3 times.

Repeat the entire section between the asterisks 3 times.
So,kfb, knit to 1st before marker, kfb,sm* and then repeat this section across the row.

Hi thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. Where I’m getting confused is there is no marker after the 2nd marker but the 26 stitches then the next two markers at the end of the row, so where it says knit to first st before marker, I don’t have a marker to knit to only the 26 sts. Sorry to ask again.

Slip the second marker, kfb, then knit across the next 24sts. Then you’ll have one stitch left before marker 3. Kfb and slip the 3rd marker. Do the same once again.

Great thankyou very much. Have a great day and I’ll go and enjoy my knitting.