Star Trek fun

I was sent a reminder email that I hadn’t posted here in some time. I lurk here most days, but generally I’m also making phone calls or have my hands full doing something, so rarely post. The reminder was nudge to post a little and I thought I would share the fun I had with these guys.

Oh my goodness. Those are so cute. I’ll have to show this to my 13 yr old DS who is fast becoming a Trekkie (thanks to the new Dish and DVR!).

Love 'em!!! I have been a trekkie since the original show.

LOL! I don’t watch much Star Trek, but those are cute!

These are so cute! Star Trek rules:cheering:

How cute!

Mama Bear~It’s so good to see you posting again!! Been wondering where you are!! Those are to cute!!:happydance:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Dustinac, thanks for the welcome back. Summer just seemed to keep me away from the computer.

Mama Bear

I love them. they are just so unusual.
Were they from a pattern?

oh give me that pattern i want to make some!

Those are fabby! :yay:

Those are awesome! Great job!

Big fun!!!

TOO hilarious! THanks for sharing.

“Number 1. Make it so!” Hee hee

Live long and prosper gang! (Okay, so THAT one is from the original series but…)