Star pattern

Does anyone have or seen a star pattern for knitting? like… the star is IN the work… in case you have no clue what I’m talking about, demo:



orrr… something like that lol… Anyway, its for a gift to my sister, and she loves stars, and the color combo of a dark sky blue and brown. if anyone has a pattern please share! Thanks :slight_smile:

try this or this or maybe this funky one or this lacy one

Actually… that’s not what I’m looking for :blush:

For some reason the emoticon came up… -sigh-

its something like a star pattern… like you knit and purl, something like a double knitting pattern. But… I can’t find one. :frowning:

You mean like a sky full of stars? this one is actually entitled “Starry Night” scarf bc of the yarn used

the star chart is what I need. sorta like this one that Hildegard_von_Knittin posted… but a five pointed star… would I be better off making my own pattern??

You can create your graph paper with this generator or this one BUT I prefer to use this one for making up something & u don’t require a specific gauge. Knitting graph paper is different from regular graph paper bc of the shape of each st is more of a rectangle than a square like you have in graph paper. So u can print the graph paper & play around with a pattern :wink:

thanks rebecca! :slight_smile:

U bet :wink:

Now to figure out how to make a star :??

This is a dishcloth, but it has a star in it.

i have that star cloth it is cute , fast and easy.

ahh… I got it done. picture below:

Be sure to show us what it looks like when you have it done, Jenelle! :wink:

I will… it’s going to be a small pillow. I shall show you all :wink:

I made a couple star cloths, as well as the dolphin, found red and did the apples finally, basketweave, chevron, kitty cat, pear, and so on. The dishcloth pattern site is great and from that I think I can make my own palm tree pattern and some other ideas I have.

All the colorful yarn :inlove: I must have it :drooling:

I got the finished product. It didn’t take me long :smiley:

people can feel free to use the pattern if they want. It wasn’t hard.

I added five more rows to the top to make it even with the bottom though.

nice color popping on that. I like it

thanks :slight_smile: I camra took a horrible picture, but, oh well. The other side is going to have a moon. I need to create one :shock: