Star Crossed Slouchy Beret - needles?

Hi, I plan to make the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret posted on Ravelry, but I have a question about the needles. It says to use a Size 11 circular 24" needle, but I’m wondering if it will be hard to use that long, circular needle when doing all of the decreases at the top of the hat. The pattern doesn’t suggest switching to Size 11 Double Points, so the creator must believe that I can use a 24" circular all the way through the pattern after completing the ribbing? Has anyone else made this pattern? Any thoughts? Thanks for any help!

You can do either a single loop or switch to magic loop when you get that far.

You will certainly need to switch to size 11 dpns or go to a magic loop technique as you prefer, to accommodate the decreased number of sts even though it isn’t mentioned in the pattern.

I thought this one started top down? But maybe not. You can use the single loop at the top, I’ve knit a lot of hats with 24" circ. Or you can use 29" if that seems too tight, or use 2 circs.

No wonder I can’t do Magic Loop, cuz I didn’t realize I was doing what’s called a Single Loop!!:muah:

Either one will work.

Thank you to everyone for your wise advice. I think I will try to do the magic loop method since I don’t have the double point needles in size 11. The videos will help me and I’m excited to learn a new technique! Thanks again.