Star christmas ornament

I am working on a Star Christmas ornament. I keep hitting snags as I find abbreviations or markings I don’t know how to do. It isn’t hard once I figure them out. But this is only the 2nd time I have ever tried to follow a pattern. I learned how to read some basic abbreviations in a knitting group in late June, but in 90 minutes there is only so much you can learn.

On another set of needles I am knitting a checkerboard square style afghan, out of variagated yarn of reds, oranges and yellows that look like “fire” for my daughter who has joined the US Navy.

Maybe this will help

I have now completed 2 Star ornaments one using size 8 needles, other using size 6 :stuck_out_tongue: Never used such tiny needles before either.

This pattern is easy, just takes time to learn all these abbreviations and how to stitch them.

Sunny - Is the pattern in a book or on the web ??

The pattern was taken off the web by the librarian for the Star Christmas Ornament. It is actually quite simple to make and it looks like a star and is a very even 5 pointed star. I do not know which site she printed it from, except it was a freebie.

Most of the stars she found were very uneven and didn’t look much like stars in their pics, this one did.

My page is cut off so I can’t read the site info on the bottom of the page, but I could share the pattern with you.

Thanks to mks22300 here is the website that has the star Christmas ornament pattern :

is this the one?

No, it isn’t the same one. This one is more even in shape. I don’t have a scanner, or I would scan one in. Here is a pic of one of my stars - the one seam is not sewed together yet, I don’t have a yarn needle yet. I was only given the assignment yesterday afternoon. I have a couple mistakes on it still. Still learning :wink: oops that is the wrong side lol
here is one of the right side

i like yours a lot more. :slight_smile:

I’m a beginner, and I am rattling these off in about 25 minutes as I have to constantly remind myself step by step. An experienced knitter could do these in probably 10 minutes, it is only CO and 5 rows, each row you decrease.
Yarn size/type is up to you, same as needles - I used 4ply an d size 8 in the star in the pic above.
You pattern can be found here:

You are going to have the coolest tree in town when Christmas comes! I hope that it will be able to stand under the weight of all those ornaments. :teehee:


Actually, I am working on them for a service project for our knitting group first.
We are trying to get about 150 total ornaments made to donate to the pediatric ward of our local hospital as a Christmas project. There are about 16 total in our group right now, estimated, as we haven’t had the same knitters show up at a meeting yet and we have only had 3 meetings - one in late June, one in late Aug, and at a new time yesterday.

The pattern suggests: use as Christmas ornaments, package tie ons, or in place of poms on children’s wear, a unique twist.

Once I figured out all the abbreviations, these are fun to make.

Those will be cute…and what a wonderful idea :happydance:

thanks for the pattern its so cute im going to start making some later tonight. when u have the whole lot done before u donate can we see pics pls?

I won’t have the whole lot, hob. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take pics or not - as it is being done by a group of us.

everyone sing 'a star is born!!!" thanks for all the help i feel im geting read for xmass now

I knew you could!!
i knew you could!!

I came across that pattern yesterday while perusing for some other patterns. I bookmarked and thought they would make great Christmas gifts for my preschoolers. Each year I handmake them ornaments and I thought it was about time I knit something for them.
Your star looks great and I can’t wait to try out the pattern!