standard rounded toe, for toe-up socks?

trying to figure out a rounded sock toe, as i’m casting on socks for me (finally, and my big feet don’t work well with wedge toe boxes). but i think i’m missing something. i’ve looked at multiple patterns, and there are many differences.

some have you start with 10, 12, 14 stitches, and increase at each end/side, every row. some have you increase on the 2nd stitch from the end, some the 2nd stitch on some rounds, and the 4th stitch on other rounds. some have you increase at each end on each side, but then do 2 rounds of plain knits instead of 1…

another pattern/tutorial i saw said to divide up your increases into 4 parts… do the first 4th every other row, the 2nd 4th with 2 plain rows in between, the 3rd 4th with 3 plain rows in between and the last 4th with 4 plain rows in between… are they just trying to confuse me, or are they getting kickbacks from row counter companies?

so, is there an actual standard rounded toe? and if so, what is it, where can i find the pattern, etc.?


Hi X, good to hear from you!

There are just so many ways of getting to a more rounded toe. You’ve done a pretty comprehensive survey of the field. You can throw a dart at the patterns and pick one (and it sounds like you might enjoy that at this point) or you can swatch at least a couple of them. You’ll probably find subtle differences between patterns (width, angle of slope) but you may find one that you prefer.

Let us know which works best for you.

A rounded toe means that you will be increasing more often at the beginning, and less as you make more of the toe. (Draw it on graph paper, and you will see what I mean) By increasing at regular intervals (every second round, or example), you will make a wedge – and that is not what you want.

There are written patterns for round toes that someone has already worked out, or you can do it yourself. It all depends on your gauge and size of foot. Do not become a blind follower!! (quote from EZ)

Or you might look at the star toe – it forms a star shape on the end, and it is quite rounded and versatile for most toe shapes.

And the best is the shaped toe to conform to your own foot! That is, you make it fit YOUR own foot, and make your socks left and right. Which means you can’t get them on the wrong foot!!

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