Standard fee for patterns

Hello Knitters!
Its been ages since I visited these forums, and quite a while since I have knitted! You all helped me so much when I was a beginner, hopefully you can give me some advice now that I’m much more advanced…

I recently had a several of my original designs accepted by a knitting magazine in the UK. I’m excited to have my work published, but I’m a total noob to the business. Does anyone know the average fee a publisher offers for a sweater pattern? I really have no idea what an appropriate sum is to request. From start to finish, designs can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Putting a price tag on my time would probably be way too much money, but I also don’t want to sell myself short.

Any ideas?

I have no earthly clue but CONGRATULATIONS! That is a wonderful accomplishment. You’ll have to post us a link. :yay:

No idea either. I guess I’d expect different publications to already have set fees for designs. I’m surprised they’re asking you what you charge.

I’d suggest checking at (it’s free). There are many designers there, I’m sure there are many forums dedicated to designers that address this very question.