has anyone seen these knitting stamps, from the USPS?

I’d love to use them all year long. The more people think about knitting, maybe the more people will become knitters, and then we will have more yarn at better prices!

Those are cute! I’m going to buy a bunch to use anytime - maybe that will induce the postal service to print up more knit-style non-holiday designs.

If you don’t have any in your hands, you might want to purchase them soon. I heard they didn’t make tons of those and in some areas they are sold out. . . . .

I thought they were really cute too, I used them on my christmas cards this year. maybe they’ll have them again next year

I guess I’d better order some, then,if they might become scarce!:aww:

Basically just collector stamps. Too bad, I’d like to see them available all the time.

Hey, Cougar Chick, nobones sent me your address for the yarn swap, and your goodie box is in the mail.
All the way from sunny FLorida!
:waving: :sun:
P.S. I just bought some of those knitting stamps.
Really nice!

Maybe they’ll inspire others to knit!!

My dh picked up one book just before Christmas but I haven’t used any yet. Maybe I should save them! They are nice.

I was wondering if I should savethe stamps, or use.