Stabalizing shoulder seams

I am knitting a sweater from Simply Beautiful Sweater for Men for
a Christmas present. All of their patterns say that after making up the sweater, sew the shoulder and neck seams using a chain stitch to stabalize. I’ve knit quite a few sweaters, but never heard of this before, although I like the idea. My problem is I am a good knitter, but don’t know anything about sewing. I looked at sites and have been practicing a chain stitch, but I am just not real sure how to do this on my sweater…ie, is this done on the selvedge? No illustrations are provided. Can anyone help me?

I would be inclined to think they mean a crocheted chain stitch…

A crocheted chain wouldn’t do you a damn bit of good for sewing things together. The closest thing would be a slip stitch.

The three needle bind off makes an extremely sturdy seam for shoulders.