St st?

I’m working on the simple poncho for the American Girl,

I though I understood the pattern…wrong! As I’m working the body the pattern says:
"continue working the st st in the round, inc before and after markers every other round till center back measures 4.5 or desired length."
Ok so I assumed the st st was stickinette stitch (k 1row, p the next) but the ws of the poncho looks like I purled the whole thing and in the picture the web site shows the pattern looks like it was done in the k stitch.
What did I do wrong?

I understand some people r having trouble seeing the pattern. Under the picture of the poncho it says download this pattern, click that and it should bring you to the pattern.

Thanks, hope I explained this right! :aww:

If you’re working in the round, you should knit every row to get stockinette stitch.

Hi kwynf!

I see the pattern under the picture for the “American Girl Doll Collared Pink & Blue Striped Poncho.” Are you making that one?

Nothing “clicks” for me under the “Easy Poncho for the American Girl Doll.” That’s the one I’d like to make. In the picture, it has a tie neck, and there are 2 dolls shown.

I’ll try searching her website for the original post and hope to find the pattern that way!

Ahhhh found it by looking in her Doll category.

Here is her list of other patterns for 18" dolls:

As Mirl56 said, when working in the round, stockinette stitch is produced by knitting every stitch, every row. Alternating knit and purl rows, gives you garter stitch (the equivalent of knitting every row when working flat, back and forth).