St st Pattern Question

I am reading a pattern and I have just knitted a row so I am on the right side. Most of the pattern is done in stockinette stitch altough it does not say it. It is telling me to make 6 rows working even in st st but I have just knitted the right side so should I start with a purl row since I am currently on the backside of the piece? If I do it that way it makes me end on a knit row so the next stitch would be a purl row. But the pattern says that after 6 rows I should be on the right side and I should be knitting. That doesn’t make sense to me. Trying to figure out if there is a mistake in the pattern. Not sure what to do or if this even makes sense to anybody. If you can help me it would be much appreciated.

The pattern is from Knit Kimono by vicki square. It’s called Katsuri Sodenashi and I am currently knitting the neckband.

You could count the row that you just knit as row 1 of the 6 so that after you complete 5 more rows in stockinette you will be on the correct row for the next step.

Or, you could purl a row and then count the next knit row as row 1.

There could be an error in the pattern or you could have worked one too many or too few somewhere along the line. In the long run, one row usually won’t make any difference unless you’re working with magnificently bulky yarn.

Thank you for your advice.