St st for 3 rows?

Hi everyone,

Does st-st 3 rows mean to knit-purl-knit or purl-knit-purl when the project is in garter stitch?

Thank you so much for the help!

It depends on what the next step tells you to do and weather or not you end on the right side or wrong side.

Can you post some of the pattern that you have a question about.

It means to work 3 rows with knit sts on the RS and purl sts on the WS. With garter stitch you knit all rows. I think you need to be more specific.

Ok, I totally botched it because I failed to read the directions all the way through. So I think I’ll be starting over now. lol.

I am attempting to make Austin the Bear for DS for christmas because he happened to see it while I was poking around here and now he’s nuts for one. The bear is supposed to be in st st, not garter. So the row before the “st-st 3 rows” is knit and the one after is also knit so the 3 in the middle should be purl-knit-purl, right?

this is exactly the case and i didn’t need to post because the instructions state that the even numbered rows are purl and the odd are knit.

So my mantra for the day will be “always read directions”!

Yep, that always helps! :wink: