St. Augustine, FL?

Anybody know of any knitting groups/shops in or around St. Augustine? I have a dear friend who is dying to learn how to knit and the best thing for my personal knitting was surrounding myself with other knitters. Anybody know of any resources for my wonderful friend? She will make a fabulous knitter.

I don’t know of shops directly in St Augustine, but I do know that there are some wonderful shops in Jax, and it’s around 30 minutes from there!
I’ve been to KnitWitz and A Stitch in Time. You can check shops here.

I did that just after posting. Thanks! I’m so excited when someone I care about picks up a hobby I love; it’s kinda goofy. I just want to make knitting an easy skill for her to pick up by providing her with all manner of information and resources (this forum included!). She said she’ll definitely check out those stores. Knitting is such great therapy and relaxation for me; I hope she’ll find it to be equally valuable.

Which shop would you recommend for a newbie knitter? Either over the other?

They were both quite nice, but I got a better ‘vibe’ at KnitWitz, don’t know why, though! I’m sure she would enjoy them both! She will learn a great deal here, too! Then, there’s the dvd, The Art of Knitting 1 and 2, these are both very good, as well as knitting books, I learned to knit from “Knitting for Dummies” I didn’t know that this site existed when I was learning!
I hope that she finds as much joy in knitting as the rest of us!!!

I learned from the same book! Are you sure we’re not joined at the brain? We both learned to knit the same way from the same book about the same time . . . ooh, spooky. . . :slight_smile:

Great minds, great minds, that’s all I can say :teehee: