I have finished a sock for myself. I love the sock. It fits. It’s pretty. But how the heck do I get over SSS? (second sock syndrome) Now that I’ve made this one, I want to do the fancier ones. How do I convince myself to make the mate to the 1st sock???:shock:

Put the sock out in plain view and pick it up and look at the pattern and soon, you will want to make the mate. Trust me, it works. Or, ask your family to hide your sock knitting supplies all except for the materials for that one sock. Tell them not to give it back to you until you knit the second sock, and then you’ll have no choice but to knit the second. That also works.

The best way to get over SSS is to make both socks at once.

That’s about the only thing that works for me.

(And thank you, Kristin (Silver) for teaching me how to do that!)


how about intentionally making a coordinating sock to go with it?

Do a fancy one… and finish the second of this pair when you need a break from the tricky one! Or if you really like others better… rip it and use the wool for a fancy pair… if you are not going to finish and use this first plain pair. I second doing 2 at once: it feels much faster and they will match perfectly too!
P.S. can I recommend Knitty’s Baudelaire socks for your next pair? SO pretty and I found them easy as my first ‘real’ socks (i.e. on sock weight), despite the fact that my ‘practice’ pair had been done top-down and heel flap and they were short rows.

JUST DO IT!! Pick up those needles and CO right now!! Don’t you want to wear the socks, c’mon, c’mon.

Or how about this for anyone with SSS: sit down with your completed sock and say ‘I am either going to finish this pair, or it will never get done in which case I might as well not waste the wool and I had better unravel the whole sock’. Give yourself those two choices: either cast on immediately, or unravel the whole first sock and rewind the wool to use for something else. Rip the first one, or knit the second? Pick one.

Make a puppet out of it.


i am worried about SSS, seeing as how i have knitters ADD as well. maybe (since its too late to cast on both at the same time) you could knit another similar (but slightly harder) pattern with the rest of your yarn to have same color/different patterned socks?:shrug: i like redwitch’sidea too, either cast on or rip it. one or the other.:teehee: you could also wear the finished one all by its self. maybe you will feel its pain of being alone:rofl:

ok it’s late and i am just getting sillier.

Hey there Mulder!

Look on it like this: your PAIR OF SOCKS is not finished at all.
The PAIR OF SOCKS is halfway done.

Think of it like this: the second half of the project will be easier the sooner ya get goin! You won’t lose your pattern “mantra”.

And, remember: one sock is useless, and a waste of your time, energy and money… unless you want to look on it as a gauge swatch, or “learning process” trial sock. :thumbsup:

Sock monkey! Sock monkey!



That’s a riot!!:lol::lol:

:roflhard::roflhard: That sock monkey is hilarious!

For me, I’d like to make fancier, prettier socks, but I know I need more practice - so I’m working on the second sock to hone my abilities. :thumbsup: Or you could just walk around the house wearing one sock all day… :lol: