On my instructions it says for SSK to slip 2 stitches knitwise then pass stitches back then knit these 2 stitches together…

What is the point of passing the stitches back?

I’m used to just slipping them then knitting them on the right needle

well that’s what i do too but i think if you slip them back it changes up the configuration of the stitch and twists it more maybe?

Does it make it look different than simply slipping the stitches and then knitting them off the right needle? Is it stronger to do this passing back?

It actually turns the stitches so they are oriented the other way on your left needle. I couldn’t figure out SSK until I watched Amy’s video on it- now it makes perfect sense. If you go to the Glossary and scroll down to SSK, the video is there.

It’s the same putting them back on the left needle and knitting through the back loops as leaving them on the right needle and putting the left needle in front to knit. But if they want you to slip to the right and put them back on and knit through the front loops… it’s a k2tog with a twist maybe?


whats the pattern? it soundlike the twisted k2tog that suzuuq mentioned and that stumped a couple of us in the marson watchcap pattern

I’m following’s Hermione bobble hat pattern. And in her description it has this SSK instructions.