Ssk yo Hat Pattern with no Decrease?

Greetings! I am new to the knittinghelp forum, but have watched the videos and browsed patterns here for quite some time.

I recently came across a pattern from a knitting blog for a woman’s hat. The basic pattern is as follows:

WW yarn
size 8 circulars and or dpn’s
stitch marker
darning needle

Cast on 81 stitches and place marker at beginning of round

Do 2 rows of K1 P1 ribbing

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K1, (yo, k2tog) 4 times, K10 repeat from * end (yo, k2tog) 4 times
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: (ssk, yo) 4 times, K10* repeat from * end K1
Row 5: Knit


If I ssk yo as in row 4, 8, and on and on, won’t I be adding stitches? Do I need to change this in the pattern?

Another problem I am running in to is that I decreased the original cast on so the hat will fit a baby. Obviously, I should have thought that I would need to amend the rest of the pattern to adjust, but didn’t think of it until now. Any tips on how to do that?

Thank you for reading!

SSK and k2tog ARE decreases. SSK is a left leaning decrease and k2tog is a right leaning decrease so no problem. :thumbsup:

How far into the pattern are you? Is it seamless or seamed? When you reduce or increase the size of the pattern you need to consider the pattern repeat of the design. If you’re just done the ribbing you might be able to work with it though. How many did you cast on?

I cast on 57, because the original pattern told me to cast 81 and another hat pattern for generic sizes (baby, toddler, child, woman, man) corresponded to that number.

I am pretty far in, on row 12, and I can tell there is something wrong. I must be doing the ssk yo row wrong, because it is getting bigger!

I am not sure what seamless or seamed means. I am knitting it on the round, so would that be seamless?

Since the pattern is being reduced, I am supposed to have 4 of the holes left with the special stitches. Should I only be knitting 7 stitches in between the special stitches, rather than the 10 the pattern calls for?

In the round would be seamless.

I’m math challenged unfortunately…I can usually figure it out, but with the increases and decreases it’s confuzzling me. Do you have a link to the pattern or at least a name?

Haha, me neither!

I have knit a hat from her patterns and reduced it to a baby size before, but that was just a seed stitch, so it didn’t require any algebra. :teehee:

That’s cute! From looking at it I think adjusting the k10 part would be the easiest way to alter pattern size. I’m thinking 57 is going to be harder to adjust because it’s not going to work with that 10 stitches. :think:

How many repeats are you getting?..that’s the part between the asterisks. I “[I]think[/I]” the pattern repeat is 18 stitches, but I may be wrong. :think:

What I end up doing with patterns like this that I can’t figure out is I make up my own that works with the design. I’m sure someone who knows better how this works will be along soon! :thumbsup:

:slight_smile: Thanks very much for your help, Jan!

I am going to try to decrease the K10 to K3. I will keep checking the forum periodically to see if anyone has a better idea! I already tore the whole thing out and restarted, now that I know how to ssk.

I am sorry I didn’t start posting to the forum sooner! So many nice people to discuss knitting with.

The st pattern is basically 8 (yo, k2tog 4 times) with plain sts between them which more or less equal the mesh st section, so changing the 10 sts to 3 is going to make it really unbalanced. If you dec 1 st then k1 *YO k2tog 3 times, K5 - repeat around, I think it will work out. Change the other round to - (ssk, yo) 3 times, K5 rep from * end K1.

It makes no sense to me that a pattern knit in the round with alternating mesh and plain sts would begin and end with the mesh sts, btw. The next row seems to work out, and doesn’t have the mesh sections at the beg and end. I think it’s written a little wonky. And it may be that it was rewritten from flat to in the round (that’s why it says rows) and there’s really no need for the single k1 sts either. So that would make it 55 sts if you can dec 2 at the beg and middle of your round.

Oh hey, I just rethought it and if you use 54 sts, the pattern as written (less the end yo k2tog 4 times at the end of the roun) works out fine. You just get 3 repeats instead of 5 or 6.