Ssk vs. k2tog

Maybe I don’t understand ssk, but to me it just looks like you k2tog, but on the other needle. Is there a difference? I knit continental if that makes any difference. Also if anyone can tell me how to increase in purl. Everytime I try it I get a little hole. I have tried using the yarn over way and purling twice in the same stitch. I tried to make a teddy bear and couldn’t sew it together because of the holes where I increased in the end purl stitch. Help!

Hi brightspot. I believe the ssk produces a left slanting decrease while the k2tog produces a right slanting decrease. I don’t know about increasing purls, haven’t done that yet! :wink:

Brightspot, you may be experiencing what I did. I actually knit in the combined method which wraps the yarn in the opposite direction from standard knitting. If this is the case, than you will have to work your decreases in teh opposite manner than that described in most directions.

I’m not totally sure that’s why you are doing, though, so carefully review the continental and combined methods on this page:

If you find you are working combined, let me know and I’ll walk you through working the decrease. If you are truly working a normal continental then Peg is absolutely correct about the decreases. You can see more about them on Amy’s page of decrease techniques.