SSK vs. K2T

I wasn’t quite sure what category to pick for this question but I’m confused about what the difference is between a SSK and K2T. I watch the video of the SS K and it just looks like it ends up being the same thing. The SSK slipped the two stitches off and then back onto the left needle and then knit them together. Isn’t the result the same with the two stitches being there together? The only thing I could really say was that the different possibly could be that with the slip slip net the two stitches were not together through the back rather than the front. Thanks so much

When you slip the sts knitwise for the ssk, you change the orientation, the sts are twisted. By knitting through the back loop, the decrease leans to the left.
The k2together decrease, knit through the front loop, leans to the right.
Try the decreases on a couple of rows of a swatch and you’ll see the difference.

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K2tog is right leaning and SSK is left leaning. I have sometimes used K2tog through the back loop instead of SSK.

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Thanks so much! I’d no idea. Such a help to have a place where I can ask questions and get such helpful answers :slight_smile:

Thanks for always helping, everyone!