Ssk two ways

I have seen you tube videos on how to ssk.
Does it make a difference which one you use?

One shows slip two sts onto right needle,
Then slip them back onto left needle and knit both tog
Thru back loop…easy…

The second and seemingly most used is slip two sts onto right needle, and put left needle into front loops and knit them tog off the right hand needle. This looks awkward.

Will it make a difference? I am making this pattern that calls for ssk decreases on the hat.

That’s the same thing. Look at your needles as you do each one. You don’t have to complete the stitch, but see what I mean try it. I do it the second way as that’s is the easiest for me.

Also… just to throw this out there… I usually use the improved SSK. After viewing this page linked I might try to the “trick 3” bit as well.

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