SSK question

I have just finished a sweater that was one piece construction and the sleeves were finished with raglan decreases. On the side where I did my p1 ssk p1, the purl before the SSK was very loose and created a hole so big you could drive a truck through it. I couldn’t figure out how to firm it up so I ended up closing with a mattress st when the project was finished.

I have viewed the video about a thousand times and as far as I can tell, I was doing it right. What was I doing wrong? :??

Are you supposed to do ssk on a purl row, or just a decrease? Usually you’d do p2tog. Or is it ribbing? Or why are there purls if it’s a RS row? Maybe a link to the pattern would be helpful.

Sue, it was knit in the round from the bottom up. Here is a pattern link, though I don’t think it was the pattern, just me. :think:

It is the last set of decreases before the neck shaping:


Oh, and I didn’t have trouble with the k2tog side, just the ssk side.

You can try the ssk as sl1 k1, psso and see if that helps. It’s the same thing, just done differently.

I bet that will help! But will the slant remain the same?

Yes, they both slant left. If you slip the first st, then stop and notice that whether you knit the next st and pass the sl st over, or slip it and knit both together, they’re exactly the same.