SSK or K2togtbl

Hey guys,
stupid question but can you shorten SSK by Knitting two together through the back of the loop. The needle positioning appears to be the same once you’re past the “slipping”, and it seems easier (to me) so could I keep going with this “subsitute” or will I stuff the pattern (nermid gloves from Knitty)

Hi Firey Vixxen, not stupid at all!!

I looked on Amy’s decrease videos pageand it has that they are not the same…
“This twists the stitches around and consequently tends to zig zag like crazy. It’s not a great match for k2tog, clearly, but can be used decoratively.”

You may try SKP and see if you like it better (slip one, Knit one, pass the slipped st over)

After you finish these mitts, I bet you will be a lot faster with the decrease…I hope you keep going :thumbsup:

You can, they both lean left, but k2tog tbl will twist the sts whilk ssk leaves them lying flat.