SSK or k2tog

When descreasing on each side of a sleeve, how to I know when to use SSK or K2tog? I know one is right slanting and one is left slanting.
Thanks again for all the help you offer so graciously.

SSK is left slanting, K2tog is right slanting. Now I could be wrong, but I think typically it’s SSK then K2tog when decreasing around the arm, but I’m not sure it really matters as long as you’re consistent.

Someone correct me if I have this wrong.

Yes, usually you use ssk at the beg of the row and k2tog at the end. But ‘full fashioned’ patterns will do the opposite, having the decs slant toward the seamed edges instead of the center.

Thanks to both of you! I trust and appreciate your knowledge and expertise. I’m willing to try patterns I normally wouldn’t because this forum is rich with experience. Many thanks!