SSK necessary?

I am knitting this pattern.
It calls for SSK when decreases required.
Is this necessary? I read once that k2T could replace SSK. I have never used SSK and not sure I could do it well. I don’t want it to ruin the looks of the hat.
What do you do?

Well, k2tog is going to decrease by one stitch, so functionally it’s the same as SSK. But they don’t look the same. SSK slants left, k2tog slants right.

In the case of your pattern, she’s set the decreases up to happen in wedges rather than a spiral, so the decreases are paired to slant away from each other. If you did two k2togs, the decrease would start spiraling rather than creating straight wedges.

You could try k2tog through the back loop, which will make the decrease lean left. Doesn’t look quite as neat in my book.

Or just put in a lifeline and start working the crown trying out the SSK. A chance to learn something new! If you hate how it’s looking, you can always rip back and try again with the k2tog tbl.

Thank you. I have since looked on you tube. And I watched the ssk, and it looked different than what I had prev seen. She slipped knit wise two st onto the right needle, then slipped them back onto the left needle and knit them tog thru the back loop.

I had prev seen slip sts onto right needle and,then knit them thru the front with the left needle. Looked so awkward. I wonder why such a diff way. I sure choose the one I saw this morning!

The way I saw this morning looked easy enough. I did a swatch and it worked very well.

Thanks again!