Ssk, K2tog, Dyo- loosing stitches, please help!

Hello Fellow knitters. I’m knitting a cowl called Beloved Berlin which contains a “Peacock Lace pattern of Ssk, K2tog, Dyo as the first row of the lace pattern but I seem to be loosing a stitch with each set of these three stitches. The pattern calls to repeat the set (4 row pattern beginning with 1. Ssk, K2tog, Dyo. 2. K2, p1, k1. ) 11 times. Please tell me what am I doing wrong? I have pulled this piece apart 4x so far and getting frustrated. I must admit I’m not all that familiar with Dyo’s but have watched/studied tutorials of it, is this where I’m going wrong?. Any light on this would be SO appreciated.

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Are you knitting and purling into the double yarn over?

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Found the pattern listed on ravlry
Where it is tagged as in the round. In the round following the lace row dyo would work a P in the first yo and K in the second yo.

Edit done, thanks and sorry I thought it was ok. Yes I am purling the first strand of yo and knitting the second strand.

You shouldn’t be losing sts across the row. It may help to mark off each repeat or every other repeat. Then you can keep count more easily and see where it is that the sts are being lost. Rows 1 and 2 should maintain the stitch count.

Thank you, this is what I thought and it’s been sending me bonkers trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. From my calculations I seem to be loosing one stitch for every four! That’s 88 stitches lost with the Ssk, K2tog, dyo rows. I fear it’s something to do with the dyo’s. I think I’ve been preparing to knit then doing the dyo and knitting it, effectively only making one stitch instead of two.