SSK and K2T

I know these cause right or left leaning decreases, but thought they would be spaced out on a hat when decreasing- but in the following pattern (I think I’m following correctly) the SSK and K2T are next to each other- a.m. I reading wrong?:
“K1, *K2tog, K11, SSK; repeat from * across to last st, K1.” So instead of: /…\ the pattern seems to be: /.\ (no st between, added dot to visualize easier)

You’re reading it correctly. This arrangement of decreases isn’t used as often as a k2tog, k x number of sts but you do sometimes see it in hats. It’s a pretty decrease which is worth a try. If you don’t like it, you can always change it to something else.
This is a ribbed hat but the decreases are similar.

What pattern are you following?

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My end result is messy with some larger looking sts- mainly with SSK-and pointed areas. But probably due to starting decrease at 6" instead of 7 or 8"–got tired of project-ha).
(On cell here and can’t upload pic-copy/paste not work)
Tks for info&help!