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slip slip knit

Debbie Strollers says in her Stitch 'N Bitch book to slip knitwise but Shannon Okey (of Knitgirl) says to slip purlwise, and as from this morning i have also seen another version which says slip the 1st st knitwise and the 2nd purlwise - is the effect quite different?

I’m knitting the Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick purse by the way - so thos eof you whohave tackled this pattern, which way did you ssk?

I haven’t done the pattern, but I always slip as if to knit, just works for me. :shrug:

The effect is similar. You just do what works for you and you feel looks best.

There are some left slant decrease examples on this page.

hmm, I was hoping i could put a message in the thank you box, Jan? Anyway, just to say, thank you heaps for that link - I can’t believe someone seriously knitted a swatch to compare 7 different ways of left slanting dec - but thanks to her, people like me can benefit from all that work she put in :lol: :thumbsup:

Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick is felted – it shouldn’t matter about the ssk – you lose most if not all of the pattern definition after you felt.

You will see the difference in garments and items that aren’t felted. I think the way you ssk becomes a matter of personal preference. I have always slipped both stitches knitwise until I saw Amy’s video and she slips one knitwise and the second purlwise. I tried that and I like the way the stitches lay flat. So I may switch over. But I know there are some who have tried that way and don’t like it.

It’s whatever floats your boat, IMO.


I use a right slant decrease that’s an exact match to SSK- you knit 1, put it back on the left needle, and pass it over the next stitch. Then, you put the stitch back on the left needle, and continue on.

Just thought I’d give that random piece of info. :teehee: (another part of this website) has some wonderful pictures and videos on ssk’s and other decreases. Fleegle also has a nice variation of the ssk.
It’s mostly personal preference.

No, you can’t add text to the “thank you”, but thanks for thinking of it. :wink:

I just realized you were going to felt… in that case it really doesn’t matter what you use unless you are going to felt so lightly the stitch detail shows. Most bags are felted more than that though so it doesn’t matter too much.