SS for 5 rows

Hello :slight_smile: So I’m not 100% sure about what this means. The pattern goes

Row 1: Inc into all sts [6 sts]
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: Inc 1 st, K1. Repeat to end [9 sts]
Row 4-8: SS for 5 rows.

I understand until that last one.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help.

I checked in the Glossary, just in case I was remembering wrong, and it says SS means slip stitch. Five rows of just slipping stitches makes no sense, which is why I checked. Is there something, somewhere in your pattern that tells you what it means? Sometimes things like that are well hidden. What is it you’re making, can you link to the pattern or at least tell us a name?

It’s a baby dragon, I’ve uploaded the pattern so you can look at it here:

Is it maybe just stockinette stitch for 5 rows?

Stockinette stitch? I think that’s what it means. Looking at the picture, it would make sense.

Alright, yeah looking at it now it makes sense. Thank you :slight_smile:

Agree w/stocking stitch (stockinette). It’s Rows 4 through 8 (five rows) of each leg, and they’re stocking stitch, not slipped stitches. This is an unorthodox abbreviation, but looking at the clear photo and the designer’s instructions helps in figuring it out.

(I think “st st” would have helped even more, though…)