Squeeee! New Knitty is up!


oooo that’s pretty!

I really liked this one. The last couple have been less-than-thrilling to me, but I really like several of the patterns in this one.

Oooh…I don’t personally know anyone who’d wear it, but Ice Queen is sooooo pretty! Well hello there, Ravely Queue! :teehee:

OMG! So exciting!!!:woot:

Am I the only one having problems with the new knitty? I can’t bring up most of the patterns.

I had trouble with one pattern, but I just hit refresh and that solved the problem.

I’ve seen posts for it on 4 boards now, so I imagine everyone’s looking…

I can’t see the new issue at all, even if I type the url again, it just brings me back to Fall07 issue.:??Am I missing something?

Try hitting refresh on your browser. If that doesnt work, you can always clean out your cache by going to internet options and deleting your cookies & temp files.

I really like this issue!! I’ve got 3 things on my list to knit - so exciting!

I was just on knitty this morning and it was still the old issue! lol

The page won’t even load for me at all. No old knitty, or new knitty.

I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeee! :waah:

Here knitty, knitty, knitty!:mrgreen:

I wonder if it’s because the server is busy…

Anyway, I saw this, and I can’t believe it’s done in only two yarns! This is going in the Ravelry queue!

It is running very slow, I bet they are having a really high traffic volume.

Yep, it just crashed on me… have to wait till this evening, maybe it will slow down by then.

It’s running good now! (5pm cst)
I am SOOOOO making entangled! the pattern is printing right now!:woohoo: I even have 4 hanks of cascade 220!:yay:

Hehehehe. It just came out and some of the patterns are in at least 50 queues at Raverly. That’s so cool :slight_smile:

This issue is soo perfect!!! wow, my favorite yet. I have to make dahlia for sure. I love everything! square cake, stardust…everything!

:shrug: I dunno, I just am less than thrilled with it. I like some of the socks and that’s really about it. I’ve been waiting for this issue for ages and I’m upset that I’m not really a fan of any of it. Does anyone feel the same or am I on my own?