Squares & Flowers blanket help

Hello, newbie here,
i have the book cutest ever baby knits by val pierce and am attempting to make the sqquares and flowers blanket. all going ok until the flowers row 3:
" Row 3: K1, p2tog, drop loop of 2 sts made in previous row and (k1, k1 tbl) into loop, p1, rep from *to * to last sst, k1"
can any one help with straight forward instructions as to what we do for the knit1, knit1 to back loop into loop part?
thank you

Could you provide the directions from the previous row, please?
Did you make YOs there?

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The knit 1, knit 1 into the back loop is a knit front and back, kfb. This video from the Glossary page should help out. http://www.knittinghelp.com/video/play/bar-increase-english

Here’s a linkto the photo of this darling blanket.

Yep, agree with Salmonmac, you’re going to make a kfb in the very large loop you get when you drop off one of the loops of the double YO you did on the previous row.

the pattern says
Row 1 Purl
row 2 K2, K1*, slip this st back onto left-hand needle, lift the next 8 sts on left hand needle over this st and off the needle, yon twice, knit the first st again, K2*, rep from * to* to end
row 3 K1, * p2tog, drop loop of 2 sts made in previous row and (k1, K1 tbl) into loop , p1*, rep from to to last st, k1. do not cast off, break yarn and run thread through stiches draw up in flower shape.

So, can any one explain what the
drop loop of 2 sts made in previous row and (k1, K1 tbl) into loop
actually means in very very plain english for dummies

thank you for the posts above but we are still rather lost.

thank you

In row 2 you do a double yarn over when you wrap the yarn twice around the needle. Then in the next row, you come to that double yarn over. Let the first loop over the needle slip off the left needle. You’ll see that now you have one large loop over the left needle remaining. Knit into the stitch as you normally would, but don’t let the loop slip off the left needle. Swing the right needle tip around and knit into the back of the loop (this is shown in the video I linked to earlier). Now let the loop slip off the left needle. You’ll have two sts on the right needle.

Thank you very much that’s perfect, we are there now