Square watermelons!

I can’t imagine how expensive those would be in Japan nowadays. I left Okinawa, Japan in 1997 and even then ‘in a regular grocery store’ apples were $5.00 each, cantaloupes were $40-25.00 (40.00 when they were first ripe) now… they did have a nice bow on them though…

SMALL TINY cannon ball sized watermelons were $50.00…
And, I did see a few square watermelons at that time… but, they were more than the $50.00


Well, that certainly is interesting. Pretty cool! I wonder what other fruits that could be done with.

A few years ago, some seed companies had molds that you could buy and put over young squash, or whatever. As the squash grew, it would grow into the mold, and then you could take the mold off and have a squash shaped like a face. They were reusable. I haven’t seen any in years.