Square watermelons!

My brother sent me this… I think it’s really cool!


sooooo cool!! Thanks for sharing!

That’s just…ummmmm…yeah ok, why not?

At least these are real! Did you ever see the bonsai kittens?
Square kittens?

the square watermelons are pretty. who would have thought to make them square just by placing them in a box?

Haha! My friend was telling me about these a couple days ago.
I wish I had a square watermelon…:shifty:

Well, isn’t THAT wild?!

I bet they’d be a lot easier to plug than a round one, ya wouldn’t have to worry about it rolling over and spilling out all the booze. :rofl:

Is that called thinking outside or inside the box?


OMG, I was just going to say that!!!:clink:
Cool article, thanks for posting.

Super idea and makes them much easier to stack!

I think that’s more like inside the box :rofl:

Thanks Jan!!! I can totally see myself using this at a job interview… “So Ms Hildie, how do you approach problem solving?” “Well, Mr. President, I read this article about square watermelons…”

Nice one! :yay: :rofl:

What a simple solution. :roflhard::roflhard: and so easy. :waving:

yeah , i want to hear that from one of my interviewees , well, i read on knittinghelp .com… about these square watermelons…

I want one!!!:cheering:

Disneyworld has done this with vegetables for over a decade. They maniplulate the shape to make veggies in the shapes they want them. They’ve made Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins as well as Mickey Mouse shaped cucumbers. They just put them in a plastic mold when they are “young” and they grow into those shapes. We got to see them doing this when we went on the “Behind the Seeds” tour at Epcot a few years ago. If you eat at the Garden Grill, many of their salad makings are from their own gardens and you get slices of Mickey cucumbers!

That is so cool!

:thumbsup: Let us know if it works!