SQUARE Needles?!

Just saw some on eBay…anybody ever use square-sided needles? What’re their advantage…or are they a gimmick?:??

I’ve seen them advertized but never used them.

I did find this:

My mom had a pair…she said that they did make the sts look nicer but the stain kept chipping off during her first dishrag…I have them now sitting in a little knitting basket I use for decoration…:teehee:

I think some like the feel of them in their hands better too…I used them once and didn’t care for them…:shrug:

I’ve seen them advertised but have never used them. They look pretty neat though. Maybe one day I’ll try them.

incase anyone wants to see;)

These were discussesd on knitlist and, concurring with what dustinac posted, there were issues of the finish wearing off after very limited use.


I searched the board to see if anyone else had this problem… I bought a size 3, 40" square circ, knitted ONE pair of child’s socks on them, and most of the finish is chipped off. I emailed them and they said they have had to replace several needles, and will replace mine. We’ll see if the replacement set chips… Has anyone used these needles and liked them? I don’t really like the join, either, but the cable is so soft.

I have a pair of straight and enjoy using them. The finish hasn’t come off and I love the fill of them in my hands.