Square-in-a-square afghan pattern trouble

Has anyone knit this pattern? It is supposed to be reversible. Somehow, I keep making mistakes. It is a Dovetale Designs by Val Love. There is what seems to be a simple chart.I have frogged and restarted twice. Last time I ended up with four extra stitches on my needles!

It’s a very clever and pretty use of knits and purls to make a reversible afghan.
Before you rip out, take a look at your work and see if you can spot where the extra sts are coming from: mid-pattern or maybe the ends of several rows. That’ll help you figure out where the mistake is. It may also help to use stitch markers between the squares.
Should you find a mistake again, a lifeline will save time and unnecessary ripping out.

Thank you. I contacted Val, the designer, and she was helpful. I just cast on 156 stitches and knit 8 rows as per the patten. I just counted my stitches and came up with 161 stitches. I am about to give up on this. Thanks for your interest.

Can you post a photo of the 8 rows?

I have knitted this afghan a few times. Not using this pattern though. What has helped me is to place a stitch marker in between each of the LARGE squares. That way I knew when I finished each square on EVERY row and it kept me on track.

I can’t see the pattern you’re using but I used a written one. Maybe you could try that too. Look up “square in a square afghan” on Ravelry. That would bring up a free written pattern you can print out.

By using a written pattern AND stitch markers you should be able to get started and keep going!!!


Just thought of something else…

Be careful when you are moving the yarn back and forth between the needles for the knits & pulls that you don’t make an extra stitch!!!


I keep doing the same thing with this pattern. Looks easy enough but has me totally frazzled. I, too, cast on (cable cast on) 156 stitches. By the time I have my first eight rows knit I have 157 or more stitches and am unable to start following the charts which is another challenge. I have frogged so many times that the yarn is going to wear out.
I did contact Val sometime back and she responded nicely but she said that after the first eight rows I start by: rows 1-8 (k24, p24); rep bet () 2 more times. This doesn’t look like the chart at all.

I wonder if you’re adding a stitch at the beginning of a row? Sometimes if you pull up on the first stitch and then back over the needle it looks like 2sts. If you’re close to 156sts, I would decrease on the last garter stitch row or the first pattern row to get to 156.

It may take a few rows to see the pattern but sounds like a border (perhaps 6sts) the repeats of k24, p24 to 6sts before the end. Markers every 24sts will probably help for this section of the pattern.

What if I post a picture of the pattern chart?

Posting two or three rows of the chart would be ok. There are copyright problems with posting too much of a pattern here.

This person says there’s errata for the pattern. I didn’t go to the designer’s website, but here’s the post. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Gram2JnA/reversible-afghan-to-knit

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See link in post above from @Jan_in_CA. That may well be the problem.
Nice detective work Jan!

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When someone has problems I always go to the projects and search on errata or error and come up with things occasionally. :slight_smile:

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