Square in a square afghan chart


I am knitting a Reversible Afghan Square-in-a- square by Dovetail Designs. This is my first pattern using a chart. I am knitting the small size 132 stitches. There are 5 squares of 24 Stitches each + 6 stitches both ends for border. The chart shows 2 squares starting with B (purl square) then A ( knit square). Arrow in lower left corner says begin here, Written instructions: … work 1st row of chart A&B 2 times rep chart A. Next row working left to right, beg with chart with chart A and end with chart A. If I follow the chart for 2nd row I start with B and end with B, which should be fine. But if I follow written instructions I won’t get a stockinette stitch. (I started 1st row with A and ended wit A) Help, what am I missing?

Pattern reading help


The second row should also start with chart A and end with A. The key for the chart symbols may say something like: open square is knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side. The stitches should give you stockinette and reverse stockinette.

It’s unusual for a chart to begin at the lower left. Usually you begin at the lower right and read from right to left on the first row, then read left to right on row 2. I don’t have the pattern so follow the pattern on this point or send a message to the designer. Have you looked at a tutorial for reading charts in case that’s causing the problem?


Thank you very much for your prompt reply! I apologize, the arrow is on the right side. I did begin with A (chart on the right) working right to left. If I begin 2nd row with chart A I am repeating the 1st row … 2 knit rows. The chart shows row 2 beginning with B reading left to right. That looks right to me. My problem is that it appears to be a conflict between chart and written pattern… unless there’s something I just don’t see! I have sent a message to the designer, but have not heard back. Your video on chart reading is very helpful. I agree that this is a very easy pattern. I’m just hung up on those 1st 2 rows. Thank you again


If you have written directions perhaps you can use them to guide you through the chart. You’re doing absolutely the right thing in looking at your sts to make sure the instructions make sense.


Unless there is something I totally do not see, the written instructions seem to be opposite the chart.
The 2nd row on the chart …left to right… begins with B. The written instruction say… working left to right begin and end with chart A. If I were making the large Afghan it says begin with B, but I am making small afghan, 5 squares across. Chart looks like begin with knit ABABA. Next row BABAB. But written instructions say begin both 1st and next row with A. I’m feeling pretty stupid… this is a super easy pattern…if I could just get started!


Since the first row of the chart is AB twice and then A, working in the opposite direction for row 2 would be A then BA twice.


Thank you, I will try that!


I’m sorry to be such a pest,but! When I end row with chart A ( Knit) and begin next row with chart A
(Knit) …(etc. across the row), I don’t get a stockinette and reverse stockinette pattern. I could just follow the stitches, but I feel there must be a reason for beg and end with Chart A.


The first few rows of chart A should be either knit sts on the right side, purl on the wrong side for stockinette or purl on the right side, knit on the wrong side for reverse st st. The symbol might be an open square.

Can you take a photo of just the first bit of the chart maybe 4 rows or so? Use the landscape icon at the top of the Reply box to post a photo.



Hope that worked


Pattern says: …work 1st row of chart A & B 2x, rep chart A 1x. Next row, … work 2nd row of charts… from left to right, beg with chart A and end with chart A. That’s after border K 8 rows*
So confused!


The key for the chart probably indicates that for the open squares, k on the front side or the odd number rows and purl the open squares on the back or even number rows. If the key doesn’t say this, it’s an error and you can assume it.
The squares with the dashes are purl on the odd rows and knit on the even rows.
You could put a marker or loop of waste yarn into the knitting to mark the right side in case that helps.c


Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I was thinking… but just could not reconcile with written instructions … begin and end every row with chart A. Then after 30 rows begin and end with B. I will just follow the chart! Knit/ purl. Can’t wait to get started, I think it willl be very pretty. I do truly appreciate your help and patience with me!