Square crochet with such vibrant colors

Hello girls!

One of the things we like to do in crochet are the good old squares or squares, we splicing to create wonderful pieces that can be blankets, coats, pillows and whatever else your imagination tells you. With a basic small square we can play with colors and create unique projects, even if the reasons repeated. The small square (or Granny square) Basic is represented in the chart below: http://crochet-yarn-online.blogspot.com.br/2016/07/the-small-square-or-granny-square-basic.html


Such a beautiful square! Crocheting Afghan squares has come a long way in patterns and colors since I learned to crochet!

That’s stunning.

Thank you for the granny square link! I have only just picked up a crochet hook so whilst I understand the theory of the stitches I just need to practice as I get easily confused with which holes I should be crocheting into!

Just girls? Boys crochet to you know.

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:joy: True, but we tend to be chattier than guys so she’s forgiven for thinking there aren’t boys/men here.

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Who, me?

I’m not referring to anyone specifically. Just in general. After having been a moderator for many years I can say with confidence that we DO have men/boys who knit or crochet, but they just don’t chat as much. They tend to come in, get answers, then disappear till they have another question. Women/girls… well, we get chatty and stray off topic, become friends and help each other out more. Just the nature of the beast I guess. :joy:


Amazing beautiful