Square Bottom Shawl

Well, that’s not really the name of the shawl, but the ‘bottom’ of the shawl does not come to a point. The pattern is in Knitted Prayer Shawls (http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=23047). The yarn is Encore worsted #1317. It is warm and snuggly! The color doesn’t really show up well in the pictures, but it is a beautiful shade.

The pattern was easy, but not a quick knit. It took me several weeks to finish it. One picture shows a close up of the stitch pattern, and the other picture shows the ‘square bottom’ - which I’m referring to the shawl, not me! :teehee:

Ooooh, I like that! I’ve never been a big fan of the point on the triangle shawl. I’ll have to try that idea!

[COLOR=Blue]The stitch pattern is so lovely! You did a great job! [/COLOR] Congrats on finishing a large project! Shawls and blankets can seem to take centuries, can’t they??

It looks great!! That’s a beautiful stitch!

Thanks everyone! I have knit a few other shawls before, but this one did seem to take forever. However, one good thing about the pattern is that it starts at the top (neck) edge and then decreases. So even though it starts with 240 stitches, it gradually decreases to 90 stitches at the end.

I liked doing the decreases instead of increases. I found it to be a rewarding way to knit. The more I pushed myself to knit, the fewer stitches-per-row I had to knit for the next pattern stitch repeat, so it almost felt like a reward for my hard work.

It’s very pretty, and the color is one I love.

ITs lovely n the pattern is rare…thnks for sharing


I really like that stitch pattern!

Love it.

Ooh, I really like that stitch pattern! Nicely done :slight_smile:

With a heavy heart I want to let you know that my little square bottom shawl has found its home. When I was knitting it, I had no idea who I was knitting it for, but I found out this week.

One of my close friends lost her young adult son earlier this week. He passed away unexpectedly. We are all in shock and are hurting for this wonderful family.

This shawl was knit with lots of love and prayers. My hope is that it will bring some measure of comfort to my dear friend. Please remember my dear friend in your prayers.

In my prayers…