Square at the top hat? those funny ones

Hi! Shoot, I can’t get to knitting pattern central at the moment … maybe too much traffic? So I thought I’d ask if any one has made one of those cute hats that are square at the top? With a point on each side?

I’m tired of all my round hats, I want something different/cute/silly.

Anybody seen that pattern around? I suppose it’s not done on circulars…

great question :D! I need to figure this out as well because my coworker wants me knit him a red hat like the Team Zissou ones in Life Aquatic. I’m pretty sure those have the big ‘X’ on the top, making 4 corners.

Life Aquatic? Is that the Bill Murray movie I missed??? I wanted to see that!

yes. that’s the one! absolutely hysterical movie :D!

I think I found a pattern with the X top: open the link then scroll down a bit:

There’s one in the Hip to Knit book I use. The pattern calls for a super chunky (I used Yukon pattern by Plynouth) Size 13 needles. It has a seed stich and cable pattern. Basically you make a rectangle, fold, sew up seam and put on some tassels. Its very easy, only takes an hour or two. I must have a picture of it somewhere. I could write out the pattern too (or make a xerox and send it to ya)

Here it is. Can you see the pattern?

Here’s my son modeling it… and laughing at something :rollseyes:

He’s too cute…of course, so is the hat :wink:
If this is the kind of hat that you are looking for you can find it explained here You can essentially seam up 2 squares that are the dimension of the head that you are fitting (less an inch or 1.5, or around there) and leave the opening for the head, of course…and put pom poms or tassels on each side…of course, that’s not 4 corners, but rather 2 sides…are you referring to a jester’s hat?

Ohhhhhhhhh feministmama! THANK YOU! Yeah, that’s the hat I want but this one’s even better coz of the cables. I was lying in bed this morning thinking (I think about knitting now when I wake up which is a nice replacement for worrying hehe) and I realised it must be just a square knit up, sewn up the sides. duh No, I didn’t want 4 corners, just the two. This is it exactly, I don’t think I need a pattern. Well, if you want to send it you could, by email of course… I would use it! Your son looks great! THANK YOU :heart:

Oh thanks Rebecca also, I just looked at the pix and article.

U bet :wink:


This is the hat that I was thinking of making. I got the pattern off of knitting pattern central, but happened to remember the name for a google search. I don’t see why you couldn’t do it on circulars- you could use circulars until you get to the bind off- unless I am missing something.

Oh now that is really cute. I may have to make that one myself :cheering:

I made this one on circulars and then switched to DPN at the top, turned inside out and did a three needle bind off.

It’s hard to tell what’s cuter… the hat or the grin!! :wink:

Candicane, that’s a sweet hat. I’d prefer circulars I think. When you say you switched to dpns at the top, doyou mean 4? Or 3? How come you can’t use just 2 if it’s biggish like that one looks. I’m alittle confused as to where I would put the two ‘points’ if I were on dpns. Is that easy?

Femimama… I really do like that hat. You said something about writing the pattern down… you don’t need to do that but can you tell me it looks like it is in seed stitch besides the 2 cables of course. Is that true? Oh what the heck, what amount of stitches did you cast on!?
I love that hat.


I put the stitches on 2 DPN at the top and used the third needle to bind off. The 2 DPNs are parallel to the top of the hat. Is that what you mean? It was really easy!


Ok, got it! That’s kind of what I thought but wanted to be sure!

Thanks so much… :thumbsup: