Square #6 of The Great American Afgan-help?

I’m having trouble understanding chart A the anchor one.

It tells me to

1/1 RSPC - Sl 1 to cn, hold to back, sl1 ( on row 3, drop both wraps of K1-long); p1 from cn.

Then 1/1 LSPC - is slightly different

  • Sl 1 to cn (on row 3, drop both wrap k1-long), hold to front, p1; Sl 1 from cn.

I couldn’t find anything on LSPS on Google

The term should be defined in the same place where the LSPC and RSPC are defined. Since it isn’t, I wonder if it’s possibly a typo? Does it look like a LSPC would work in this part of the pattern?
I don’t see it listed on the pdf of errata although I’m not sure it’s the same version of the great American afghan that you’re working.

Is the stitch shown in a chart or is it written directions? Can you tell where it happens in the photo of the square?

There is, I tried to upload it from my iPad but it wouldn’t let me. The pattern reads:
Done over 19 sets

(Note: Sl sts purlwise with yarn at WS of work)

Row 1: (RS) 1/1 RC, p15,1/1RC
Row 2: P2 ,K6, K1-long, k1, k1-long, k6,p2
Row 3: 1/1 LC, p5, 1/1 RSPC (dropping both wraps of K1-long),k1 TBL, 1/1 LSPC (dropping both wraps of K1-long-long),p5, 1/1 LC

What I can’t understand is that this is a popular pattern, there are pictures on the internet all over of people making them, but I google the stitch and nothing.

I see the RSPC and LSPC but not the LSPS that you refer to in post #1. Was that a typo in the post?
Are you looking for videos of just the RSPC and LSPC?

Here’s a video for a basic 2/2 RC, right cross cable. You are doing something quite similar. Place one stitch on the cable needle, hold in back. Instead of knitting the next stitch, slip it to the right needle letting the second wrap fall off the left needle. Now purl the stitch from the cable needle.

Ya typo sorry, I couldn’t find a video.

Thanks I will try it

There are videos that come close (though not exact matches). For 1/1 crosses I mostly found ones that are more concerned with doing the cross without the cable needle or doing a twisted stitch.