Spun Mag pattern desperately wanted

Ah, the vagaries of online information! I had the pattern for this capelet downloaded and ready to go last year but alas, fell out of the knitting groove and somehow misplaced it. I remembered it fondly, however, and now want to attempt it but - more alas! - apparently Spun Mag no longer exists? Nowhere can I find this pattern! Does anyone by any chance still have the pattern running amuck somewhere and if so, would anyone by any chance wish to help out a fellow knitster? Please?! Pretty please?!:help:

Found it through Ravelry:

cache of original page:

just the pattern (no pictures):

I think that’s what you wanted. Ravelry is SO awesome!

I’m not familiar with the pattern; I just wanted to say how lovely the temari ball you posted is, Nora.

Nora - you’e a goddess! Thank you SO much! Will print loads of this pattern and keep them in safe separate places in my stash! Ooooh, and what is Ravelry? Must check it out now…:smiley:

Thanks! I made it several years ago. I kind of put temari making aside when I had my kid, but I’m trying to get back into it… along with knitting. :slight_smile: I’m always impressed when people know what temari is…

No problem… glad I could help.

Ravelry is only the best thing since sliced bread! I was able to do a search for designer of the pattern you wanted and that’s how I found the links. You can organize your needles and stash, see what all your friends are making, queue the patterns you find that you like and don’t want to forget about… it’s completely awesome! :notworthy:

They’re still in beta, so there’s a waiting list. But, it only takes a few weeks to get in. If you haven’t signed up already, go now! :slight_smile: