Spun alpaca

Well things are improving! I’m very happy with this yarn…yummy Alpaca. More detail at my blog.

One question…my bad dogs got a hold of the rest of the roving and pulled it apart! :!!!: Will it spin the same now? Or do I need to do anything to prep it again?

[color=indigo]Very beautiful yarn, chere! I like that color too. :cheering:

If I were you, I would prep the roving again just in case. It’s only a matter of a little time, and if you get into the spinning and find a mass/mess of short, broken fibers you will not be happy. I have found that alpaca is more resistant to such doggie-done-damage than is wool. :shrug:

Good luck,


Great job on that alpaca!!

You can try spinning the doggie prepared alpaca. If it’s not tangled up or felted, it should be fine. Personally, I wouldn’t comb or card it again unless it really, really needed it. If they just pulled the roving apart into pieces, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Just pick up a fluff and spin as normal.

Thanks for the info. I think since I don’t have carders yet I’ll go with just spinning it. If I have any trouble I guess I have to get some! I couldn’t wait to start knitting something so I began Branching Out last night. I’m loving the way this feels!

That is beautiful!