Sprit $1 Airfare Sale - Ends Midnight Tonight

Here’s the link.


Even with the fees they will inevitably add, may be worth it :shrug:

I love Spirit airline, but they don’t take me to canada, sadly :pout: they have great airfares

Nothing for Chicago except for 2 Florida places that I’m not interested in going to :pout:

But that is WAY cool nonetheless!

That’s awesome! I sent the link to my daughter in MI! Thanks!

Cool…but darn it! Nothing going out of any of the airports in my area…and there are 6 within 2 hrs drive!

There’s an airport in Atlantic City?! I’ve only lived here almost my entire life, and didn’t know that.

(put your makeup on, put your hair up pretty, and meet me tonight in Atlantic City)

Wow - I got so excited when I saw I could fly from Detroit to NYC for Valentine’s Day for $5 each way (rates applied on 2/13 and 2/14). But they make it nearly impossible. They’re showing me three flights out on the 13th and none of them qualify for the special rate for some reason. And then only one flight back on the 14th qualifies and it’s first thing in the morning.

It would still be pretty cheap (less than $150 round trip) but not as cheap as I needed it to be to consider going.

Thanks for the link though!

Wow…they are going fast. Some of the flights I saw are now gone. :verysad: