Springtime fingerless mitts

I went insane yesterday and knitted the first mitt for my daughter’s birthday present. I know better and have to live with soreness in my hands today, but I think the first one turned out just fine. These go with the hat I posted yesterday.

Very nice! I really like the pattern. They would make a great set with the hat!

They will make an amazing combination and a wonderful pop of color with whatever outfit she chooses to wear them with. I’m sure she’ll love them.


Why do mitts hurt your hands?

I have arthritis in my thumb joints and shouldn’t have sat all day knitting just to get one done so I could see how it looked. It wasn’t the specific pattern just the overdoing it with the needles! :slight_smile:

Nice mitt. I love the color.

Great looking mitts. They’ll make a terrific combination with the hat. And I love the color.

Oh I see. That’s too bad. :confused:

Here’s an ointment I invented for my grandmother’s arthritis, just be careful with it if you’re sensitive to peppers or have sensitive skin.

1 c oil
3 Tbsp Cayenne pepper powder (about 4 dried peppers ground)
3 Tbsp fresh ground clove

Grind the Cayenne pepper and the cloves together, add to the oil in a stainless steel, glass, or other non-reactive pan (avoid aluminum and cast iron). Bring to a low simmer, the oil should just start bubbling. Turn off the heat, let sit for a few minutes, then turn the heat back on and bring it back up to a simmer. The heat used for this should be as low as possible, cause if you get this too hot you’ll cook out the medicinal properties. Once your oil turns a nice red brown color, let it cool and apply it over the joints that have pain issues when you start hurting. You can store it in a reclaimed glass jar, just keep it in the dark when not in use. As with all things with capsaicin in them keep it away from your mucus membranes. I’ve not found washing the hands after the oil has soaked in to be detrimental to it’s function. My grandmother is also constantly rubbing her face, forgetting she’s just put this on her hands and only rarely has she had issues with it hurting her eyes or such.

I hope this can help you as much as it helps my grandmother.


Thank you! :hug:

You’re quite welcome.

Beautiful mitt to go with that beautiful hat. Good work. Sorry your hands are sore.

The mitts are darling and so is the hat!!

Yummy yummy yummy! Love them! I just gotta get on the ball and knit some of these for myself this coming winter!