Spring preview is up for Interweave knits!

Yay the spring preview is up for interweave knits!! Looks like a great issue. My queue is just getting longer and longer. between this last great issue of vogue knitting and interweave i’m hopelessly backlogged. I’m going to need to take a sabbatical from work just to knit!!

I like the Mirabella Cardigan, the Flutter sleeve Cardigan, Auburn Camp shirt, Aleita Shell, Printed silk Cardigan, hexacomb Cardigan, Kathrine Vest, and I wish i had enough boobs for the Drawstring Chemise.

let me know which you guys like!!

I like Holly, the socks, both stoles, and the mittens :happydance: Good issue coming out…

I like the Dovetail pullover and the socks.

Some of the sweaters are cute, but for me…I don’t know. Nothing really grabs me. I do like the Dovetail Sweater, but I’d want a lower neck. :shrug:

That looks to be a very nice issue!

Mmmmm, I really like these more fitted designs but must proceed cautiously. I’d like to show off “shape”…not bulges!:lol:

I like Mirabella, Holly and Bleeding Hearts Stole. There are others I like but I’m not sure I could pull off – maybe for my son’s girlfriend:roflhard:

I’m happy that there’s a little girl’s dress… yay!

Ahhh, i want this magazine! So many projects calling my name

The link’s not working for me! Wah!

Me neither! And I can’t seem to find the preview on the site!

me neither. :pout:
i guess there’s too many people looking at it.

I just Googled it and a web site came up in the listings for the 2008 preview, but the site would not open. It’s possible that they are having some difficulties with the site. I’ll keep trying that’s for sure!!! :knitting:

Try this: Link

sweet you got a working link again. i wonder why the one I posted isn’t working.

I found the link posted on a forum at Ravelry :happydance:

Hey!? What gives? I can’t link now…anyone know about that? I saw it was up and wanted to come back and look better. My LYS owner has a pattern in the spring issue I guess and wanted to see…

OH!! Never mind…thank for the new working link!

i cant get onto the site without my internet going BLEH!